CompTIA CDIA+ Chairman

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Chair person for CDIA+

Microsoft Press

“Microsoft Press is pleased to formalize our relationship, and we look forward to continued collaboration
in responding to the needs of IT professionals for high quality training materials. Please feel free to
acknowledge our working relationship.”

Jeff M.
Program Manager
Microsoft Press

Sharp Electronics Corporation

“Sharp has reached an agreement with a Computer Based Training & Video Training company,
Specialized Solutions, Inc. to provide computer specialists the highest level of self-study training
and certification materials available.”

Ted S., SR Manager
Technical Support
Sharp Electronics Corp.

Tech Data

“Tech Data has been researching training solutions for CompTIA’s A+ Certification and has
selected the A+ Boot Camp Self Study kit by Specialized Solutions Inc. Not only does this
course prepare students for the A+ Certification tests, it also is the best self-study training we
have found that simulates real world examples so that the learners are completely confident
and prepared for the work place.”

-Tech Data Education

“The Specialized Solutions materials provide multiple media (print, video, CD-ROM) that
complement each other to address the specific learning style of the person using the materials.
This allows the person to learn at their own pace, and in a format they are most comfortable with.
I used these training materials to study for my CDIA+ exam and found them comprehensive and
easy to use. With my several years in document management and the Specialized Solutions
materials, I was able to pass the exam on my first attempt.”

Dave W.

Learn2Learn, Inc.

There is so much to say about Specialized Solutions, Inc. First, is the integrity of the owners.
Second, its “Business to business" big, little, great or small, Specialized does it all. Finally,
as a small business, doing business with big businesses inside of prison walls, they delivered
their "Specialized Solution," with no holds barred! And for that, we say “Thanks.”

Jacquelyn T,
Learn2Learn, Inc
a division of Business Advisors of North America

Comments taken from letters from our customers:

"Thank you Specialized Solutions. I just passed both A+ exams. Using your A+ Boot Camp
I found myself well prepared for both exams."


"Last month I ordered the A+ Boot Camp and just wanted to let you all know, I passed both exams.
I can't remember the name of the sales rep, but thank you all for having such a powerful training
packet which contributed to my success! Also, I met my deadline which was to pass both exams
by the end of the month. You guys are the best. Thanks again."


"Thank you for such great service... something the world is lacking I'm afraid! We received the programs
we ordered and they seem to be top notch! Anyways, thank you again for the great service and the
valuable information. We are fast approaching our migration date, but I feel much better prepared thanks
to the Unix-NT Survival Series. I enjoyed the personal exchange with you on the telephone, it made me
feel like I was dealing with a person, not just a company. Thanks and have a great Winter !"


"Thanks again for a great package, I'm absolutely delighted with it and would definitely recommend
it to my friends in the business."


"The A+ Boot Camp did not only prepare me for the A+ exam, but it also made my work as a PC
Technician easier. I have learned so much about how to repair a machine PROPERLY from this
course that I would recommend it to all PC Techs looking not only to pass CompTIA's A+ exam,
but to all PC Techs who want to be the best in the field. Also, the instructor on the videos knows
his stuff. Thanks!"


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