This is a Snapshot from our Interactive Exchange 5.5 CD-ROM (exam # 70-081).   Notice that our instructor, James Parris, is shown inside the Video Box and that the Windows 2000 desktop is shown surrounding him.  This facilitates learning because at the same time you are hearing the material explained to you, he can show you via mouse and graphic illustrations what exactly he is referring to.

Also, please notice that at any time you can choose to stop, pause, fast forward, or rewind the video at will.  You can skip ahead to other portions of the training CD-ROM or go back to review as much as you need to.  The "Practice Exams" are available at any time.


Interactive CD-ROM Features:

  • Video of Instructor is Fully Controllable!

  • Windows 2000 Desktop Image Surrounds the Video

  • Charts, Tables, and other Graphics are superimposed inside the video box when the instructor needs to show visually what he is speaking about.

  • Interactive Learning is available at any time.

  • Practice Exams are available at any time.

  • A convenient "Notepad" is available to jot notes down as you learn to provide you with an outline of what you've learned on that part of the training.


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