MCSE Practice Tests
and many other Practice exams for:
Microsoft, CompTIA, Novell, & CDIA !

You have control over the number of questions you will see as well as how much time you would like to complete the exam. After you complete your practice exam you will be scored automatically and then are able to review the questions you answered incorrectly. Each question has been referenced to Microsoft approved materials for additional training and study resources.

QuickCertTM Test Simulators are the most cost effective solution to practicing and preparing for the actual certification exams and give you the edge you need in our competitive industry.

Each QuickCertTM exam Simulator has a bank of 
over 400 questions per examination!

 We also have a very comprehensive list
of both Microsoft and Novell Test Engines...

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A certified professional is recognized as a qualified professional in their certified area of expertise. Companies and individuals alike recognize that certification presents opportunities for advancement, enrichment, and/or recognition. It is a way to bring continued growth, learning, and challenge into a work environment and to confirm the skills and knowledge of an individual in a specific technology.  As many IT professionals recognize the need for certification, they understand the importance of thorough training and extensive test preparation.


QuickCertTM Test Simulators are the most comprehensive test preparation tools on the market.  Each QuickCertTM practice test simulator contains hundreds of questions and is designed to deliver questions in multitude of study options, including a study mode, a certification mode, an adaptive mode and a customizable objective review mode. 

The study mode of the test engine allows you to select the number of questions you would like to see from the master test bank that contains hundreds of sample exam questions.  You are given the flexibility of receiving instant feedback and review, “marking” the item for later review or using this option as a traditional test engine.

Our certification mode closely replicates what you will experience at the testing center.  Each exam is presented in a timed, randomized format. You are presented with a different sequence of questions every time you take a practice exam. This method of delivery enhances learning and prevents you from merely memorizing the test questions and answers.

  Our new adaptive mode customizes itself to the ability of the exam taker. The certification/adaptive mode closely simulates the actual testing environment you will encounter when taking an adaptive vendor certification exam.  Test questions are developed based on how a person answered previous questions. Taking the same exam a low-ability examinee and a high-ability examinee will see a different set of questions. The low-ability examinee will see relatively easy questions, and the high-ability examinee will see. Both individuals may answer the same number of questions correctly, but because the high-ability person answered questions that are more difficult correctly, he or she will receive a higher score.

Our customizable mode gives you maximum flexibility with your studying and testing needs.  You may select the number of questions, which exam objectives, whether your exam is a timed or randomized exam, answer review options and so much more!

Each QuickCertTM Test Simulator has a huge bank of questions per each examination. With our various delivery methods, you have complete control over your test preparation process, the number of questions you will see as well as how much time you would like to complete the exam.

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