Why do I need to become certified?

By obtaining your certification you can provide recognized proof of your professional achievements. Being certified validates that the holder has reached a level of competence that is accepted and valued by the industry. These credentials enhance job opportunities, as some employers require certification as a condition of employment or for advancement opportunities. If you are self-employed, being certified will boost customer confidence and provide you with a larger customer base.

How long will it take me to complete a self-study course?

Each of our courses is designed to be the equivalent of attending a 40-50 hour seminar.

Why is self-study better than classroom training?

Our self-study courses combine instructor led video lectures with workbook and computer-based training. We have found that utilizing more than one learning method greatly enhances a student's retention level. In addition, with self-study you own the material and may refer back to it again and again. In a classroom environment, if you miss what the instructor says, you've missed it, with video, you may rewind as often as you like! Not only is self-study more comprehensive than classroom training, it is available for a fraction of the cost!

What if I have a question about the course material or content?

All of our courses include one year of unlimited technical support. You can email our technical support personnel who will answer any questions you have about your training program.

What happens if the industry's certification tests change?

When a certification test changes and Specialized Solutions produces an upgrade for the certification program, we offer our previous customers free upgrades on the videos. The customer simply returns their old videos (or CD-ROMs and receives the new ones absolutely free. These upgrades do not include the textbooks or test engines, but Specialized Solutions does offer these packages at substantially reduced prices.

What if I want to keep my old videos, but still need to get the upgraded version?

Specialized Solutions always offers an extremely low upgrade price to customers who don't want to send in their old videos. This way our customers can keep their information on the old technology as well as stay current with the new.

Which is best for me? Videos or CD-ROMs?

Good question! We have found that everybody learns differently. Some people prefer the classroom (lecture) style format of the videos (you can watch them from the comfort of your favorite chair), and some people prefer the interaction of the CD-ROM version. The CD-ROMs contain various interactive features such as an online exam simulator as well as the video content, so a student that doesn't mind sitting in front of their computer for long periods would prefer the CD format.

Do you guarantee that I will pass the exams?

YES!  We guarantee YOU WILL PASS THE MICROSOFT and/or COMPTIA CERTIFICATION EXAMS if you use our material!  If the registered user fails any one certification exam twice after using our study material - showing us 2 scores of 95% or better on two different practice exams, within 180 days of purchase and can show proof of failure for the exam, then the corresponding training package may be returned for a refund of the purchase price, less shipping and handling charges.  This guarantee applies only to products purchased directly from Specialized Solutions, Inc.

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